Fill the Gap Concerts is a non profit 501(c)3 organization and public charity. FTGC is supported by the founder's coffee company, and YOUR donations!


Your support allows us to fund and sponsor Christian concerts and other related events, spread Christian music and culture into hard-to-reach areas (i.e. the United Kingdom and inner-city neighborhoods), revive hurting or churches in need of a "recharge" through Christian music initiatives, and connect with communities in order to further the body of Christ. 


Through your giving, we are able to support radio stations, concerts, and other unique events in order to further encourage and "recharge" believers and reach the unreached through Christian music.

Christian music creates a unique spiritual environment and connection with God and with each other. Thus, we believe in supporting opportunities that connect the world with Christian music.

Please consider your donation and join us as we strive to connect the world with God through Christian music!

50 million c albums sold annually prior to 2014 compared to 17 million today. 247 identifying christians in the us. 68 percent listen to c music.

All this began through the discovery of the lacking of Christian FM radio stations in the UK, to include N. Ireland. America has 1,800+ of these type stations compared to only eight in all of the UK. This eventually led to the vision of using creative ways to expose more people to the Christian faith through music. Even with the vast number of stations in America, many are still not familiar with Christianity, thus, the reason to include the United States. FTGC will be funding and coordinating Christian concert events in both countries.


One of the goals is to expose some of the top American Christian artists to those in the UK as many of these artists are not familiar to those in that country. Ordinarily, these artists would tour in the UK. However, the lacking of access to lots of over-the-air Christian FM radio, makes touring touring less financially feasible. Note: The majority of radio listening still occurs over-the-air. Another goal is to create church connections through these events. This is what makes FTGC different. Some are saying this has the potential of being a catalyst for a New Awakening in both countries. If He wants it to happen... Example of first event. FTGC brings top Christian artists to small struggling church. An event this church would never be able to afford on its own. That event is watched live by other churches i.e. youth groups. The young people are involved in making the live video happen. There would be timely/purposeful interaction between each location participating. That same artist/band is sent to perform at venue in UK i.e. church. There would be live video broadcast of that event at the churches in America...again with timely purposeful interaction. Note: Time zone differences have been factored in. That same artist may be sent to multiple venues in the UK depending on budget etc. This will be repeated with more and more artists over time. One of the goals is for these church introductions to lead to multiple church connections. Live church connections will also take place in advance of any concert events. These advance connections may include contests among the young people at these churches. Lots of interests by many in both countries.